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Save The Date - Aleksi Heinonen in Future Energy Show Thailand 2019 - Cleantech

Our Co-Founder Aleksi Heinonen will be joining the Future Energy Show 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand. He will be giving a speech about how to use IoT and AI to save energy and predict maintenance needs. 

Aleksi Heinonen, Co-Founder of RenGlobe. Photo: Startup Guide/Clement Lim

Saving energy and resources is crucial. We at RenGlobe are focused on reducing the energy consumed by cooling. You can read from our previous post why we are keen to develop energy-efficient solutions for the air conditioning sector. There is a need.

Predictive maintenance lengthens the lifecycle of the machine and lowers the cost. With IoT and AI, the maintenance needs can be tracked, which brings transparency and trust to the maintenance operations. Trust is an important challenge in itself. Building owners can't validate the benefits or the results of the completed work. We have seen during the installations, the maintenance is often handled improperly, if at all. Improper maintenance causes harm for the machines and increases the consumption, thus affecting a higher load to the environment. By having trust and easy to track results, we can improve the maintenance drastically.

Aleksi will be talking about all that and more, in the Future Energy Show. If you are around on the second day of the event, be sure to listen. He will take the spot at 11:00 on 28 November 2019.

Cleantech solutions ensure the clean energy production meets with the needs for the highest benefits of customers and the environment.

See the event page Future Energy Show Thailand 2019 for more information.

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