The Climate Control Unit (CCU) is a state-of-the-art Cleantech solution for air conditioning systems which drastically reduces energy usage and the electricity bill of building owners. 
Using a smart Internet cloud technology and intelligent design we manage to save as much as 50% energy with optimization and with waste management even as much as 70%.

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The air-conditioning units are connected to the CCU and via an internet connection to the cloud solution that monitors and processes the data. The cloud solution ensures that all air conditioning units are running efficiently across all locations. Installation of the CCU unit can be done within a few hours. Once the CCU system is installed it takes control of all the air conditioning units connected to it. You can have as many CCU units on one back office dashboard as you wish to allow fast and easy management. 


Any device connected to the Internet such as computers, tablets, and smart phones can connect to the CCU Cloud services.


CCU Systems are controlled by a central smart computer saving money and energy.

Ability to maintain the exact temperature.

Provides monitoring and maintenance of all air conditioners.

Clients can log on and access the data.

Ability to control air condition units remotely. High level, real-time data of air conditioning systems.

Alarm Services providing immediate notification of any problems that may occur.

  1. Save energy, money and time. Save the Earth.

  2. Remote real-time monitoring and controlling of multiple air conditioners. A very useful feature for locations such as unmanned server rooms or multiple locations.

  3. CCU maintains the desired temperature by switching the connected air conditioning units on and off using a smart algorithm and sequential programming.

  4. Ability to measure when a compressor is being used and analyze the data. This vital information can help to improve maintenance, avoid costly and unexpected interruptions as well as extending the lifetime of air conditioning units.

  5. Optional comfort function to compensate indoor temperature based on outdoor temperature ensuring a better indoor climate.

  6. Immediate alarms, if any air conditioner units are malfunctioning or in need of maintenance.

  7. Transparency to the maintenance. Results can be seen directly from the dashboard. This effectively ensures the maintenance team is completing their work correctly.

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